Industrial Flooring Repair Patch Kits

Advanced Surfaces Corporation offers new Industrial Flooring Repair Patch Kits for all your floor repair needs!

Repair Patch Kits ASC Offers

Below are the patch kits we have on hand and ready to ship.

If a product listed below fits your needs, please use the order form at the bottom of this page, and an ASC employee will contact you within one business day.

Patch Kits 3

Aluminum Oxide Grit 5-Gallon


Advanced Surfaces Arctic 2-Gallon Epoxy Freezer Patch Kit


Advanced Surfacer 5-Gallon Epoxy Patch Kit


Flowcrete HF 5-Gallon Urethane Cement Patch Kit


Flintshot Broadcast Sand (50lb Bag)


RT-05 Polymer Concrete MMA 5-Gallon Freezer Patch Kit


General 5-Gallon Urethane Cement Patch Kit


Advanced Surfaces – Your Industrial Repair Patch Kit Resource Since 1997!

For well over 20 years, no one has done more for your Industrial Facility flooring needs than your friends from Advanced Surfaces Corporation. In that very same spirit, we are currently offering special rates on all our Industrial Repair Patch Kits for every preferred customer. These patch kits are affordable, durable, tough, and economical. They come with everything you need to perfect quick and effective spot repair of the floors in your manufacturing plant, food processing plant, beverage bottling plant, brewery, pharmaceutical lab, warehouse, or any other industrial facility with high-performance flooring. All our repair patch kits are easy to utilize, and they're totally applicable by yourself or your maintenance staff for a "Fix it & Forget It" style usage. Whether you just need to repair a few cracks or chips, fill some holes, smooth out some rough spots, or do some major patch kit repair work, this is the time to go for it! Quantity price breaks are offered for a limited time.

Your floors may be relatively new, or you may be trying to squeeze all you can out of an older flooring system until you feel like you have the budget for replacement floors. While many of us are not in a position to get all-new industrial floors every time we get a chip or crack in our flooring, we can keep our facilities looking great and functioning at the highest level from the ground up. Turn your struggling industrial floors into something you can be proud of: something that can handle heavy traffic, abrasive impact, and industrial spills at the highest level possible. Check out the specs on the products we have available, and call or contact us for the Industrial Flooring Repair Patch Kits that best meet your needs.

All packaging is in 5-gallon containers unless otherwise noted.

Not sure what you need for your facility? Don't see the product you're looking for? We carry the following patch kits as well (please call; not available online).

AS MMA Freezer Patch

  • Coverage Rate: 12.5 sq. ft.@1/4"

  • Cures in One Hour Down to - 20° F

  • Ready for Traffic in One Hour

  • Chemical Resistant

AS QC:25 Magnum

  • Coverage Rate: 12 sq. ft.@1/4"

  • Self-Priming

  • Cures in Six Hours at 70° F

  • Packed in 2-Gallon Container

  • Chemical Resistant

Arctic Epoxy Mortar Patch

  • Coverage Rate: 4 sq. ft.@1/4"

  • Cures in One Hour Down to - 10° F

  • No Odor

  • Packed in 2-Gallon Container

ASC Coatings

  • Epoxy Coverage Rate: 200 sq. ft. Per Gallon

  • MMA Coverage Rate: 100 sq. ft. Per Gallon

  • QC or QCR @ 1/8”-3/8” Standard or Quartz

  • QCSL @ 20mils-1/4" Standard, Smooth, or Floor Grit Finish

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Stop Ignoring Your Problematic Floors! Get Industrial Flooring Patch Kits Today!

Industrial flooring patch and repair kits are designed specifically for small problem areas in your facility that you can handle on your own without the need to call in a professional floor repair crew. In order to equip you with what you need to fix an area quickly, Advanced Surfaces offers a variety of patch kits to meet your needs. With these simple-to-use and all-inclusive kits, your maintenance staff can repair cracks, potholes, and worn, abraded areas in no time. Our kits are available in pre-Measured, conveniently packed units that are not only easy to use but also easy on your budget. Fix it and forget it with a supply of new Industrial Flooring Repair Patch Kits from Advanced Surfaces Corporation. Call today for special rates on all the best Industrial Floor Patch Kits for your facility from your top industrial flooring resource – Advanced Surfaces!

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