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Advanced Surfaces Corporation specializes in installing Industrial Floor Coatings for the Food & Beverage Industry, Laboratories, and Manufacturing Plants.

The Industries We Serve Have Unique Flooring Needs - ASC Crews and Managers Innovate to Solve Facility Flooring Issues

Advanced Surfaces has a combined 150 years of expertise and experience in helping our customers choose the best flooring system to fit the specific applications of their industry. In fact, we've been one of the fastest-growing Industrial Floor System installation companies in the United States since 1997. Our crews are trained, and OSHA certified and are equipped to plan and install some of the most well-known and durable Industrial Floor Coatings and Flooring Systems on the market today. This includes Ucrete, Flowcrete, Sherwin-Williams FasTop, SRS, Selby, AroSurf, Advanced Surfacer, and more.

We serve your favorite brands, from Tyson chicken to Coca-Cola bottling plants. ASC is connected to more than just food and beverage, though. We service warehousing, medical, and veterinary sciences facilities as well.

To learn more about how we can serve the needs of your specific industry, please select from the list below or contact us:

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Advanced Surfaces Corporation Specializes in Working With These Great Industries and Many More

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Food & Beverage, Packing and Processing

Nobody works more extensively with the food & beverage industry for all their flooring needs than Advanced Surfaces Corporation. It accounts for most of ASC’s annual business. This industry faces extreme temperatures, extreme chemicals, and a lot of traffic. The flooring systems offered by ASC and the installation process completed by our crews create floors that sometimes last up to 20 years in environments where nothing should last. That is the difference when Advanced Surfaces Corporation installed the floors at your food processing plants, breweries, energy drink factories, and all other large-scale food processing facilities.

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Professional & Medical Laboratories

Medical research laboratories, chemical research labs, and many other medical research facilities have become increasingly important in our society. The sanitization processes at these facilities are even more important. This is where Advanced Surfaces Corporation comes in the clutch. ASC can install floors that stand the test of time as well as keep the aesthetic appeal inside these laboratories intact. Get the very best in industrial flooring for your Professional & Medical Laboratory.

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Manufacturing & Warehouses

No Industrial Floor Installation Company knows more about how to help you choose the correct flooring system for your large chemical facility, fabrication plant, or manufacturing facility than Advanced Surfaces Corporation. We specialize in AroSurf Resins, Advanced Surfacer, Ucrete Flooring products, and everything else that will help you maintain safe, functional flooring at your facility.

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Are You Wondering What Industrial Floor Coatings Are Best for Your Needs? Call Advanced Surfaces

Since 1997, the folks from Advanced Surfaces Corporation have taken a lot of pride in helping business owners and facility managers decide what industrial floor epoxy coating or industrial flooring systems would be best for their unique facility. No two Industrial facilities are exactly alike, even if they are in the same specific line of business. To know what will fit your facility’s needs, we need to schedule a quote. Our salespeople are mobile and able to fit meetings into your schedule. We want the process to be as easy as possible for our clients.

Many Industrial resin floor coatings can be high-quality but may not be affordable for a facility like yours. Some Industrial Floor Coating Contractors are able to work with you on things like price, delivery, or installation costs. The bottom line? Your industrial floor company should always be of superior reputation and advise you as well as possible regarding the best long-term results you want in Industrial Floor Coatings, Commercial Flooring Systems, and so much more. Call one of our experts today!

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Our team of experts is always available to answer your questions about the flooring systems we offer, completion timelines, and estimated pricing. If you'd like more information about working with Advanced Surfaces Corporation, start by completing our online request for quote form. After completing the form, a member of the Advanced Surfaces team will reach out to you to learn more about your project as quickly as possible. We thank you for considering Advanced Surfaces Corporation for your next Industrial Flooring project!