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Advanced Surfaces Corporation is ready to take on your job. Years of experience in quick turnaround applications have enabled us to have your plant up and running on time and on budget. Whatever the time frame, we are ready to deliver. The shorter cure times on many of our recommended products allow a greater emphasis on a cleaned and prepared surface while ensuring the best bond to your substrate without compromising the superior finished product. The end result? Flooring systems that exceed your expectation.

Atlanta's Flowcrete Star Contractor

Advanced Surfaces and Flowcrete - Here to Enhance the World at Your Feet.

Flowcrete is a specialty, seamless, polymer flooring solution that is made to perform at an exceptionally high level, while offering pleasing aesthetics, long-lasting sustainability, and a high rate of cost effectiveness throughout the entire flooring lifecycle. If you have worked on. Flowcrete floors in the past, or have experienced their many benefits in your industrial facility, you know how special they really can be, especially when installed by experts, like the professionals from Advanced Surfaces Corporation. Since 1997, we have been a premier provider of Industrial Flooring Solutions for the Food and Beverage Industry, Medical Facilities, Breweries, Parking Garages, Commercial Terrazzos, Production and Packaging Facilities, Manufacturing Plants, and a whole host of other Industrial Facilities.

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Mission Statement

With over 150 years of combined industrial flooring knowledge, Advanced Surfaces Corporation wants to provide heavy-duty flooring systems nationwide in the processing and manufacturing industries. ASC offers quality products and outstanding service, all backed by our 5-year warranty installed by company-owned crews and at a competitive price.

Advanced Surfacer - A Three Component, Troweled, Epoxy Mortar Systm

If you're looking for a great way to eradicate the appearance of damaged industrial flooring, try our Advanced Surfacer product line! Advanced Surfacer is an industrial flooring system made out of epoxy resin and an amine hardener, and it is great for smoothing out damaged industrial flooring. Advanced Surfacer is one of the best products on the market for smoothing out damaged industrial flooring. Advanced Surfaces Corporation's Advanced Surfacer is a two-part epoxy resin system that is mixed together fresh, then directly applied to the damaged area of the industrial flooring. Advanced Surfacer cures to a hard, smooth finish that can be sanded and polished to a high gloss finish. It is chemically resistant to most acids, oils, solvents, and alkalis, and can be successfully installed on concrete, steel, aluminum, fiberglass, and other substrates. Advanced Surfacer can be applied over painted surfaces and is also available in a clear version that will not yellow or fade with age, keeping your facility's floors as beautiful and crisp as they are protected.

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Brent Parrish, an industrial flooring project manager and salesman for 20+ years.
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Don Holman, 20+ years experience as a floor installer, project manager, and sales.
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Corporate: This is a combined regional territory of our owner/operator, Paul, and a corporate consultant, Tom Young. Together, they equate to over 70 years of combined experience in this industry.
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