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Integrity in Products and Production – Advanced Surfaces Corporation

Perhaps no other industry has the same kinds of extreme standards and requirements as displayed by the Food & Beverage Industry. And when you begin talking about subsections of that industry, like Brewery Flooring, Poultry Production Plants, Food Processing Plants, Bottling Areas, Refrigerated Food Production Facilities, and many more, the specifics alone for each different facility type are astounding. In order to maintain operational practices, safeguard the integrity of your facility, and stand completely behind the cleanliness and hygiene of every single product you ship, you need the best products on the market, installed by the most seasoned pros available. If you want the best for your facility, you want Advanced Surfaces Corporation.


How Do You Know You're Getting the Best Food & Beverage Flooring with ASC?

You want industrial flooring products in your facility that will maintain your floor's structural integrity while helping protect it against heavy equipment usage and extreme temperature fluctuations. Wash downs and cleanings need to be able to be conducted in the most safe and sanitary manner possible, including both during and after the wash down. You'll also be looking to ensure that there is enough of a chemical-resistant barrier to be able to conduct business without chemical contamination.

Whether you’re building a new facility or you’re looking to replace the industrial flooring in your food or beverage processing location, there are many things you are likely considering. Advanced Surfaces understands your contamination or wear-and-tear concerns, and we know the needs of this industry very well. We know if a flooring installation company neglects any steps in preparation or installation that, the protective barriers fail, causing harmful bacteria and moisture trapping to occur. We are also aware of the potential violations with the USDA and FDA these issues can cause. ASC wants to ensure you never have to be concerned about your floors. When it comes to food & beverage flooring, nobody knows your needs better than Advanced Surfaces Corporation.

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Advanced Surfaces Corporation – Offering You the Best Industrial Flooring Systems

Food and beverage processing facilities require food-grade floor coatings that protect from corrosive spills like fats, hot oils, sugar, and natural food acids. Advanced Surfaces' extensive flooring experience gives us the ability to find solutions for any environment, whether it's a food processing plant or a beverage facility. At the Advanced Surfaces Corporation, our professionals offer a broad range of industrial flooring expertise and floor installation solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients in the food and beverage industry, especially due to the industry's strict regulations that are driven by the USDA and FDA.

What Flooring Options Do You Have as a Food and Beverage Client with ASC?

Advanced Surfaces uses cementitious urethane flooring in combination with most of our products. This type of flooring system is perfect for the food and beverage industry because of its quick curing time, durability, easy maintenance, and low odor. We also consider every type of issue that could interfere with day-to-day operations, which is why we offer flooring options that are chemical, slip, and thermal shock-resistant.

Learn more about our products to find a solution that works for you.

  • Flowcrete

  • Sherwin Williams

  • PPP 700 Series

  • Ucrete

  • Res-Tek

What Makes Advanced Surfaces Different?

Advanced Surfaces Corporation has been planning, prepping, and installing industrial flooring systems since 1997! We have over a century of combined industrial floor installation expertise between just 4 of our managers and sales staff. We accomplish large jobs with small and effective crews. For our clientele in the food and beverage industry, we understand that we can typically only work one weekend at a time when the facility is not operational. For that reason, Advanced Surfaces brings in a crew of highly skilled and trained employees each weekend and will always do whatever it takes to get the job done. Our team of experts can help with every step of your flooring process, from sloping and drainage to laying down your selected flooring system. On average, our team is able to complete approximately 3,000 ft – 5,000 ft of flooring per weekend, and we can break up the entire process into sections so that our clients can continue operating their facility from week to week.

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