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A Few Things Transform Your Industrial Building Like A Perfectly Installed Long-Lasting Flooring System

Flooring systems offer an effective solution for many commercial and industrial spaces. Not only do they protect concrete floors from wear and tear, but they also provide slip resistance, corrosion resistance, abrasion protection, and thermal shock resistance – all with a number of colors or finishes to fit your facility’s needs. Update or repair your building’s industrial floors with one of our ASC floor systems. Not only are these industrial flooring systems tough and durable, but they also provide high traction for slip resistance and safety without sacrificing aesthetic appeal. These floors offer excellent protection against harsh cleaning chemicals and fluids, so you can be sure that your investment remains protected in the long run. We will leave your facility’s flooring at the highest levels of safety and functionality.

Advanced Surfaces is a Licensed Ucrete Master Contractor

When you're planning to upgrade, update, or replace your current Industrial Flooring, there are many things to take into consideration. If you're looking to install brand-new flooring systems in your Industrial Facility, or you're a contractor who has been commissioned with building a factory, manufacturing plant, or other heavy duty industrial building, there's even more to think about. While there are a lot of options from a lot of different manufacturers, your friends from Advanced Surfaces Corporation believe that for strength, flexibility, and durability, it's hard to beat a new Ucrete floor, installed by professionals who know what they're doing. You can ask business owners, facility managers, and contractors all around the country, and they'll tell you that choosing the right flooring installation company is often just as important as choosing the right flooring materials. You might already know how solid and dependable that Ucrete Flooring Systems are. And you might soon know, as so many others have also discovered, that you won't find a better Ucrete Installation Company than Advanced Surfaces.


Industrial Flooring Systems, Resinous Flooring, & the Best Epoxy Flooring Systems – We Do it All

Advanced Surfaces Corporation is based out of Metro Atlanta and specializes in planning and installing industrial-grade flooring systems across the United States for the food/beverage, laboratory, and manufacturing industries. We can also offer our advanced flooring services for a whole host of industrial and commercial applications, including industrial plant maintenance, brewery flooring installation, and so much more. Our ASC Flooring Systems, Resinous Flooring, and all our Industrial Flooring Systems are built to last and built to withstand even the most severe conditions. We offer a wide variety of industrial flooring systems from leading companies, such as PPG, Sherwin Williams, Flowcrete, Dur-A-Flex, Ucrete, Res-Tek, and many more. We utilize only the best industrial flooring products to create the perfect flooring system for your facility and your unique needs. To learn more about a specific flooring system used by Advanced Surfaces, please contact us directly. We can help you today!

See all we offer for industrial floor coatings and materials below! We can always create a product as well - we love to innovate at ASC

Advanced Surfaces Corporation Offers the Very Best Industrial Flooring System Products on the Market. 

Let Advanced Surfaces Help Find the Best Flooring System for You

Our Best-Selling Industrial Flooring Products Include, But Are Not Limited to the Following:

Flowcrete has been the food & beverage industry's top flooring system choice since 1982 and is still a favorite for many processing and manufacturing facilities. Advances Surfaces specializes in installing Flowfresh and Flowfast flooring systems designed to meet your specific needs.

Sherwin Williams FasTop has become a popular choice for industrial warehouses, beverage-making facilities, and food plants. The FasTop System technology is quite remarkable in that it utilizes a cementitious urethane resin to create an industrial floor coating system that is second to none.


PPG FLOORING Urethane Cement delivers excellent chemical, impact, and abrasion resistance in a wide variety of demanding environments. It can be applied from 1/8" to 3/8" thickness in a variety of surface textures, colors, and gloss levels.

BASF Ucrete is an Industrial Polyurethane Concrete Flooring that is known for its ability to withstand anything you can throw at it. Ucrete is a great industrial flooring solution for lab flooring, brewery flooring, food processing plants, manufacturing facilities, and so many more applications.


Res-Tek only chooses applicators who want to do the best work possible for their customers, not just win the bid. Only applicators who have integrity, pride in workmanship and don’t skimp on floor prep are authorized to install our products. We vet our authorized network of applicator partners and require training in our products to ensure the best installation for all our projects.

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Dur-A-Flex Flooring Systems have one of the longest-running track records of success in the industrial and commercial flooring industries. Advances Surfaces has over 20 years of experience installing these reliable, cost-effective, long-lasting flooring systems.

When you want beautiful, seamless flooring systems that can be fully cured within an hour of installation, you should consider SRS DEGADUR Flooring Systems. Based on 2-3 component methyl methacrylate, these floors are perfect for a medical laboratory.


An industrial flooring system made out of epoxy resin and an amine hardener, and it is great for smoothing out damaged industrial flooring. Advanced Surfacer is a three-component, troweled, epoxy mortar system. The system consists of an epoxy resin, amine hardener and selected size aggregates and pigments for easy application.

Don't see what you're looking for? We also work with AroSurf Resins, Selby Epoxy Resin, and several other Epoxy Flooring Systems, Resinous Flooring Systems, and Industrial Flooring Solutions you'll love.

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Why Should I Consider a New ASC Flooring System for My Industrial Facility?

Our ASC flooring systems are an ideal choice when it comes to industrial applications. Not only do these flooring systems provide a strong, durable surface that is resistant to wear, tear, and chemical spills, but they also offer reliability and longevity with minimal maintenance required throughout the lifespan of the system. Epoxy floors are easy to clean, and they can be custom-designed according to specific requirements and needs in order to provide a safer workspace environment. Additionally, epoxy floors come in a variety of colors, patterns, textures, and finishes that can be predetermined based on existing company branding or individualized to enhance the overall aesthetic of your industry facility. With its many benefits, it is no wonder why epoxy flooring systems have become increasingly popular for industrial applications.

The Industries We Serve Have Unique Flooring Needs - Get Your Best Industrial Flooring Systems

Advanced Surfaces has decades of knowledge and experience in helping our customers choose the best flooring system to fit the specific applications of their industry. In fact, we've been one of the fastest-growing Industrial Floor System installation companies in the United States since 1997. Our crews are trained and certified at the highest level, and are equipped to plan and install some of the most well-known and durable Industrial Floor Coatings and Flooring Systems on the market today, including Ucrete, Flowcrete, Sherwin-Williams FasTop, SRS, Selby, AroSurf, Advanced Surfacer, and so many more. To learn more about how we can serve the needs of your specific industry, please contact us at 770-920-0066.

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