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Industrial Flooring for Manufacturing Facilities

Advanced Surfaces can install durable, sustainable industrial flooring for manufacturing plants, factories, and more. Contact us today for pricing and information!

Need Industrial Flooring for Manufacturing Facilities? Get Experienced Flooring Contractors Who Know

Industrial flooring solutions with superior strength are essential to ensure your manufacturing facility is up to the challenge of heavy wear, torn, and chemicals that are inevitably part of daily operations. Advanced Surfaces Corporation's industrial floor coatings and finishes meet all requirements for toughness, chemical resistance, and cleanliness – no matter what type of production you conduct in your facility! We have reliable epoxy flooring systems, resinous concrete flooring systems, and many other options ready to work hard as hard for you as you do for yourself.

Our Resins, Advanced Surfacer, Ucrete Iron Filled, Sherwin-Williams Resuflor coatings, and screed flooring are designed to provide ideal solutions for heavy-duty production facilities, manufacturing plants, and warehouse facilities. These systems are impact-resistant and non-slip and have a remarkably high compressive strength that can withstand all types of equipment, from automated machinery to forklifts and much more. We promise that nobody else throughout the Great United States handles industrial flooring for manufacturing facilities like the seasoned, experienced professionals from Advanced Surfaces Corporation. We're experienced with industrial flooring for manufacturing facilities, factories, chemical processing plants, automotive production facilities, and much more.

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The Importance of Choosing the Right Industrial Flooring for Manufacturing Facilities is Paramount

For manufacturing facilities needing industrial flooring, several solutions can help ensure the safety, efficiency, and cleanliness of the workspace. From terrazzo and epoxy to self-leveling toppings and coatings, finding the right flooring for your facility is critical for accident prevention. Additionally, industrial flooring typically requires minimal maintenance and has a longer lifespan than other solutions. This makes them an ideal choice not only from a safety standpoint but also from an investment perspective. Choosing the right industrial flooring enhances productivity while ensuring that all aspects of manufacturing run smoothly.

At Advanced Surfaces Corporation, our vast knowledge of the flooring industry and our established relationships with the nation's largest chemical manufacturers enable Advanced Surfaces to offer unique polymer flooring systems—systems designed to handle the rigors of daily operations in manufacturing plants. Our products are tough and dependable systems that will deliver the most protection—cost-effectively. With our range of branded solutions, you can customize the reflective single-color system – creating a large open area perfect for any industrial space and complete with your signature style all over it. Our flooring systems will provide superior resistance to chemical spills, heavy equipment, and constant traffic and can be installed to meet your production schedule.

We Recommend the Following Products, Among Many Other Custom Options, for the Manufacturing Industry:

Epoxy & Urethane Resins

These time-tested products from various manufacturers are versatile, strong, flexible, and perfect for any industrial facility, including your manufacturing plant, factory, industrial garage, and many other facilities. With options for non-slip finish, corrosion resistance, standard or quartz colors, and smooth or grit surface, AroSurf Resins are a top choice for many industrial facilities.

Advanced Surfacer

Created by a unique blend of epoxy resin and amine hardener, Advanced Surfacer is a real difference maker for many industrial facilities, especially those with previously damaged surfaces. The unique application system is best installed by professionals, like the seasoned industrial flooring experts from Advanced Surfaces. Call today and see how we can customize this amazing product for your facility.

Ucrete Iron Filled

One of the only polyurethane concrete metal aggregate flooring systems in the world, the Ucrete Iron Filled flooring system is unbelievably tough and durable. Besides being suited to withstand heavy traffic and impact, it's also resistant to thermal shock and chemical exposure and is perfect for heavy industrial manufacturing facilities, loading docks, and many other applications.

Sherwin Williams Resuflor

A popular choice for industrial flooring for food and beverage production facilities, pharmaceutical production facilities, power generation facilities, and many other industrial applications, Sherwin Williams Resuflor has a little more finesse than some other industrial flooring for manufacturing facilities but remains impact-resistant, abrasion-resistant, chemical resistant, and hard-wearing.

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Call for Advanced Surfacer, Ucrete Iron Filled, or Other Industrial Flooring Options

Advanced Surfacer flooring systems are our privately developed and engineered products by our certified engineering staff. The Ucrete Iron Filled system is manufactured by Ucrete, and Advanced Surfaces is a certified master installer of all Ucrete flooring. These great products offer everything you're looking for in manufacturing facility flooring, including quicker cure times and the elimination of harmful VOC concerns. In addition, they are uniquely flexible, restoring the look of abused concrete and polymer floors, incorporating a permanent bond to any type of substrate, including concrete, brick pavers, and plywood floors.

Could your business benefit from innovative industrial flooring solutions? If so, you owe it to yourself to check out Advanced Surfaces Corporation. With years of experience in the industry, we offer a wide range of practical and cost-effective services for any size business or facility. Our experienced team provides the utmost professionalism for all industrial flooring installation, service, and repairs that exceed all customer expectations. We focus on developing long-term relationships with all our customers, ensuring that we keep your buildings in top condition well into the future. For all your industrial floor installation, repair, and maintenance needs, call Advanced Surfaces Corporation. We'll show you how much we care about what's important to you.