Robust Hygienic Flooring: ASC HF Floors at 3/8" Thickness

ASC HF Floors, with a thickness ranging from ⅜” - ⅝”, offer a heavy-duty solution for industries where thermal shock resistance and hygiene are paramount. This solution is a durable and long-lasting option for resinous flooring systems with excellent adhesion and wear resistance from the food and beverage industries' most extreme environments to warehousing, manufacturing, commercial kitchens, high-traffic areas, and more.


HACCP International Certified

Our HF Floors hold HACCP International certification, assuring food and beverage producers that their facilities meet the highest standards for safe procurement, production, and processing. This certification underscores our commitment to hygienic excellence.

Durability and Sustainability

ASC’s HF flooring system is tough, but why? This is a combo of a blend of high strength and resilient bonds from the chemical and mechanical resistance of the floor. Aggregates are specifically selected for their toughness and abrasion resistance. Advanced Surfaces’ flooring solution systems are designed to last.


Multi-Faceted Benefits

ASC HF Floors are not only antimicrobial but also chemical-resistant, slip-resistant, and capable of withstanding extreme temperatures. Their vapor permeability further enhances their suitability for various industries.

Upgrade your facility's hygiene standards with ASC HF Floors at 3/8" thickness – the epitome of strength and sanitation.