Meat Processing and Rendering Plants Need Industrial Strength Floors

When your meat or seafood plant needs Flooring that needs to last, ASC has the skills and experience you want.

Nobody Handles Meat and Seafood Plant Flooring Like Advanced Surfaces Corporation

Inside any given meat, poultry, or seafood processing facility are a dozen different environments of extreme temperatures, levels of humidity, and incredible amounts of foot and machinery traffic. Advanced Surfaces understands this. We have serviced this industry for over 20 years. ASC also understands that if the flooring that is installed fails for whatever reason, this costs your plant more money and more downtime. When this happens, we know it isn’t just a few shipments at stake. Advanced Surfaces is staffed with seasoned professionals who have experience in successfully installing and maintaining industrial floor coatings for meat rendering and packing facilities.

We can engineer the perfect flooring solutions for your facility and install those uniquely tailored industrial flooring products to perfection. If you want to improve the safety, functionality, efficiency, cleanliness, and endurance of the flooring for your food processing plant, Advanced Surfaces is your top resource in the Southeastern U.S., the Midwest, and all along the Eastern Seaboard. Seamless hybrid flooring systems, updated epoxy flooring systems, cementitious urethane flooring systems, antimicrobial flooring systems, troweled urethane flooring, chemical resistant flooring, MMA food-safe flooring, trench drain installations, and sloping to drains are all very familiar to our professionals.


Advanced Surfaces Corporation – Offering FDA-Approved Floor Coatings for Your Facility

When you're looking to install or replace your industrial flooring system for your food processing facility, it's important to factor in what qualifies as FDA-approved floor coatings for the food and beverage industry. Whether or not your facility's flooring falls under current FDA approval parameters, or you know you need to adjust the floors in one or more areas of your facility, Advanced Surfaces has your best interest at heart. The food and meat and seafood we feed our own families is often the facilities we serve. Cleanliness and following the FDA and USDA guidelines is important to Advanced Surfaces Corporation, too. Certain facilities will typically encounter more intense cleaning sessions than others, based on safety legislation, the types of materials and commodities you'll be dealing with, and the manner in which you operate your facility. Our ASC Floor Coatings and ASC Flooring Systems, created with quality manufacturers to create a premium product, are ready to go down at your facility now.