Brewery & Winery Flooring

Advanced Surfaces serves major breweries, wineries, and bottling facilities across the United States, including craft breweries, small and large winery operations, spirits manufacturing, and other kinds of brewery flooring facilities.

Get High-Quality Brewery Flooring You Can Count On – Advanced Surfaces Corporation

Industrial Flooring Installation is never easy to work, especially when it comes to Brewery Flooring. You need an experienced industrial flooring company made up of intelligent people who aren't afraid of hard work and will work relentlessly until your job is done right. We offer complete, turnkey services that include epoxy flooring installation, urethane flooring installations, and all other high-performance floor installations. We also specialize in drain installations, floor sloping, sanitary curbs, cove bases, indicator lines, and all other flooring needs you might have. We offer industry-leading preparation, and high-performance materials that we guarantee are the perfect fit for your brewery flooring needs. For all major breweries throughout the United States and for specialized craft breweries, microbreweries, brew pubs, wineries, and other fermentation-based production facilities, Advanced Surfaces is your top resource for fast, effective, efficient installation of the high-performance flooring you need.

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High-Performance Brewery Flooring Solutions from Advanced Surfaces Corporation

For America's finest breweries, just like yours, Advanced Surfaces is proud to offer expert flooring solutions and the very best in cutting-edge brewery floor coating solutions. Since 1997, our professionals have worked as a unified team of engineers, chemical specialists, and weekend warriors who are driven to exceed all your expectations. We are proud members of the Brewer's Association, partly because we understand the needs of great breweries like yours and partly because we share in the love of quality brewing craftsmanship. Our clients appreciate our attention to detail and our choices of only the very best flooring products. Whether you're interested in a urethane cement, like Ucrete, Flowcrete, Dur-A-Flex Poly-Crete, Sika PurCem, Res-Tec Guard, or another of our fine array of brewery flooring products, we will be with you throughout every step of the process. When you know your floors are just not holding up to the rigorous demands of your brewery, Advanced Surfaces Corporation has you and your brewery flooring needs completely covered.

Major Brewery Flooring, Craft Brewery Flooring, Microbrewery Flooring, & Winery Flooring

As Americans who stand by our convictions, the expert craftsmen from Advanced Surfaces Corporation are passionate about providing the highest level of industrial floor coating installation services for your brewery facility. Our passion is spurred to existence by two major things:

  • 1 Our heritage and our promise to an industry we love - to service the brewery and winery industry with our best products and our trained crews.
  • 2 Our love of a great brew is shared with great friends. What does our heritage have to do with anything? Well, let's talk about it. Our people are seasoned, grizzled, relentless professionals who are obsessed with providing the best brewery flooring services in the South, the Midwest, the Eastern Seaboard, and all throughout the Great United States. When you need flooring that's durable, slip-resistant, resistant to temperature extremes, easy to clean, quick to sterilize, and installed to perfection, you need advanced brewery flooring solutions from Advanced Surfaces Corporation. We've helped thousands, and we will help you, too. Get a quote today for the high-performance industrial flooring solutions you need to take your facility to the next level.

What do you need for long-lasting brewery or winery flooring?

The flooring in your brewery or winery requires a lot. It must last long, be aesthetically pleasing, and reduce the risk of contaminants while keeping your employees safe. How does Advanced Surfaces Corporation do this for your brewery or winery?

  • Slip and Fall Prevention
    • With brewery and winery floors come inherent spills and risks. Not to mention the erosion that cleaning can cause on regular concrete. Our flooring systems for brewery and winery manufacturing hold up against constant traffic. Advanced Surfaces Corporation's epoxy and urethane concrete systems also prevent slip and fall risks in your facility.
  • Incredibly Easy Maintenance
    • Advanced Surfaces Corporation's custom flooring systems are the best choice for your brewery, microbrewery, or winery. We understand the importance of cleanliness and hygiene in beverage facilities. Our non-porous and durable urethane concrete and epoxy systems ensure you can uphold product quality and keep your building's brewing areas clean!
  • Heavy Duty Flooring
    • Machinery, vehicles, high temperatures, and standing liquids foster floors that can break down easily. With Advanced Surfaces Corporations' 5-year warranty and knowledgeable installation crews we ensure that the industrial floors in your brewery or winery are hardy and long-lasting. The urethane and epoxy systems we create withstand impacts, traffic, heat, and liquids for years upon years. Saving you time and money.
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Case Study – Installing Ucrete Flooring for Foothills Brewery

Want to know more about Advanced Surfaces Corporation and our work with customers in the food and beverage industry?

Take a few minutes to watch this brief case study about our preparation and installation of a new Ucrete DP flooring system at Foothills Brewery's production facility in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.