Exceptional Hygiene Assurance: ASC RT Floors at 3/8" Thickness

ASC RT Floors at 3/8" thickness offer a heavy-duty solution for industries where hygiene is paramount. With HACCP International certification and various benefits, this flooring system ensures your facility exceeds safety standards.

HACCP International Certified Flooring

When hygiene is a top priority, ASC RT Floors delivers peace of mind with its HACCP International certification. This recognition ensures compliance with the stringent Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) standards, aligning your facility with USDA and FDA regulations. You can confidently maintain safe procurement, production, and processing practices with certified flooring.

Antimicrobial Excellence

ASC RT Floors integrates an antimicrobial-treated cementitious urethane mortar fortified with Polygiene®. This silver-ion-based antimicrobial additive protects against microbial growth, even in high-traffic areas. Unlike traditional coatings or surface treatments, this technology remains effective throughout the floor's lifetime, enhancing hygiene and cleanliness.


The Benefits

  • Chemical Resistant: ASC RT Floors withstand exposure to various chemicals, ensuring durability and longevity.
  • Slip Resistant: Safety is a top priority, with anti-slip properties designed for high-traffic zones.
  • Temperature Resistant: This flooring system maintains its integrity when subjected to thermal shock and steam cleaning.
  • Vapor Permeable: Moisture vapor transmission is not a concern, thanks to ASC RT Floors.

Improve your facility's hygiene standards and safety with ASC RT Floors at 3/8" thickness. Trust in a certified flooring solution that goes beyond expectations.