Improved Hygiene & Aesthetics With ASC DP/MF at ¼"

When your facility demands hygienic excellence and aesthetic appeal, ASC DP at 1/4" thickness is the system your facility needs. Explore the benefits of this superior flooring system designed to meet the needs of less extreme environments than our ASC HF flooring systems.

ASC DP and ASC MF are designed with facilities like breweries, wineries, and bakeries in mind. Both solutions offer powerful and color-stable hygienic and aesthetic appeal. Let Advanced Surfaces Corporation install one of these solutions at your facility to see the difference our preparation, our application, and our team can make.


Hygienic Flooring at Its Best

ASC DP, at 1/4" thickness, ensures hygienic flooring that exceeds industry standards. As a part of the Flowfresh system, it is HACCP International certified and fortified with an antimicrobial-treated cementitious urethane.

This innovative technology, featuring Polygiene®, provides continuous protection against microbial growth, enhancing cleanliness and hygiene in your facility. Unlike traditional coatings or surface treatments, this antimicrobial remains active even when the floor is damaged or worn, guaranteeing a lifetime of hygienic excellence.

HACCP International Certification

For industries where hygiene is non-negotiable, such as food and beverage production, ASC DP meets the stringent Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) standards. Rest assured that your facility aligns with USDA and FDA regulations, ensuring safe procurement, production, and processing.

Example of ASC DP&MF

Additional Benefits

  • Aesthetic Appeal: ASC DP and ASC MF offer a decorative, textured, vibrantly colored floor finish.
  • Temperature Resistant: This flooring system stands strong against thermal shock and moisture vapor transmission.
  • Slip Resistant: ASC DP and ASC MF incorporate anti-slip properties, enhancing safety in high-traffic areas.
  • Low Odor: Enjoy a flooring solution that is as pleasant to the nose as it is to the eye.

Elevate your facility's hygiene and aesthetics simultaneously with ASC DP or ASC MF at 1/4" thickness. Trust in a flooring solution that meets and exceeds industry expectations – choose Advanced Surfaces Corporation.