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Advanced Surfaces Corporation is the flooring company for all your needs. With extensive flooring experience, we bring exceptional knowledge to your project. Knowledge that meets the challenges of your unique environmental conditions.

High-performance . It’s why our recommended materials stand out. Highly durable Aro-Surf polymer resins. Quick curing methyl methacrylate. Thermal shock resistant polyurethane concrete. Convenient patch kits. All offered by Advanced Surfaces and each is designed with specific characteristics to address your needs – cost effectively.

Plus, the shorter cure times on many of our products afford a greater emphasis on preparation, while assuring the best bond to your substrate without compromising your valuable production time. The end result? A superior finished product.

We stand behind our products. When you accept the Advanced Surfaces recommended material and installation method for the specified project or environment, the flooring system is guaranteed from one to five years. The Advanced Surfaces guarantee covers quality workmanship and strong adhesion to your facility’s substrates.

Best of all, we offer privately engineered products and installed services. And, when it comes to getting the job done quickly, we’re the experts. No job is too tough. Extreme thermal shock conditions. Short time frames to get the job done. High impact locations like forklift areas. Odor sensitive environments. Freezing conditions. Environmental or safety concerns. When others say the can’t do it, we figure it out. Quickly and effectively addressing your needs is our number one priority. So, get the Advanced Surfaces advantage. When it comes to flooring, we are truly on the cutting edge in providing superior solutions.

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